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EPIC FAIL: What I learned from having my haircut today…

I’ve been growing my hair out for a while now, but it is a new year! So, on a whim, this morning I decided I’m not just going to get a trim – I want to switch it up!  New year, new look!

So, I got ~4 inches of my hair chopped off! #livingdangerouslyin2017

Now, I 100% trust my hair stylist, but as a woman – hair is precious! But, I did it – then I went to workout, the usual Sat AM routine (yes, I got my hair cut at 7am 😉

Anyways, I was styling it later thinking ‘my hair is REALLY short! what did I do?!?’


See I didn’t take a before picture, so I can’t really show you how long it was in the back – and even though it’s not a crazy amount of hair to chop off it feels like a drastic change to me! 

SO – this got me thinking about the importance of measuring progress!!!!!! One way is before and after pictures, which I failed to take this morning.

You see, in just 2 or 3 days I will get used to my hair being shorter and it will feel more natural. Which also applies to losing weight or beginning a new project.

Sometimes we get caught up in the process – we get comfortable, maybe we reach a short term goal and fall into “I’m doing good, just a few days off won’t hurt ” (more to come on rest weeks later – which ARE important); perhaps you are working on a project and get to a certain point and quit or take a few days off which turns into weeks off…remember that house project or DIY craft you started and never completed – ya, that one 😉

This is why I believe measuring progress is so important in anything that you do!

You have seen the make-up before/afters, the weight loss transformations or muscle gains, and of course the various types of DIY projects – whatever it might be, you have seen them.

They all have 1 thing in common = CHANGE.

Visual change.

So, how does this apply to training, nutrition, and living in the proper mindset? 

When we start to make the changes we need to make to become a better, healthier, smarter person (depending upon your goal) we sometimes forget where we started…sometimes we go through life just making decision after decision, not thinking about the long term or how they add up.

This is why it is important to track your progress – whether it be before/after pictures, measurements, clothes size, you MUST track progress. . . which is why I track all of these and more 🙂

If you’re on a mission to lose weight this year, the #1 thing you must do is journal and measure success.

  • Take pictures
  • Take before/after photos
  • Journal your food intake/portions
  • Measure progress and course correct where needed
  • Continue to remeasure and correct until you’ve reach your goal

Perhaps you have tried to reach your goal, or lose the weight before, but you weren’t happy with your progress… most likely this is due to a lack of accountability, having a good support system, or having coach to guide you and  teach you the proper way to instill healthy habits long-term.

That is what = a lifestyle change. 

If you’re in need of accountability, interested in learning how to eat without restrictive diets, OR interested in feeling better – having more energy, better skin, less ‘digestive issues’ then feel free to schedule a call with me and we can discuss your goals!

But, no matter what you do – MEASURE PROGRESS! You will be happy you did when you see the end result of the hard work you put in!!!

Cheers to 2018 being your year to reach your goals!

P.S. Taking risk every now and then is quite invigorating 🙂