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These are the 5 habits I have found that help me stay on track, perform and feel my best. When one of these is missing, or out of balance {though there is no perfect state of homeostasis} I can totally tell the difference in my energy levels, my workout performance, and just how I feel overall – whether it’s bloating, acne, achy muscles, etc. My body reacts when I am not prioritizing my health and nutrition and treating it well.


7-8 hours a night! This is so important, because there is nothing worse than exhaustion. Sleep helps you stay out of the doctors office by resting and recovering, it helps you think better versus falling asleep while working and it helps you maintain better relationships …by this I mean, no one likes to be around you when you’re cranky and being tired often means being cranky. Therefore, you have a better attitude, a better outlook, more patience, more fun, and more energy when you’re rested.

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Meal Prep

I have prioritized this over working out because nutrition is key! You can’t out work a bad diet, so get the diet right first and the hardest part is out of the way! The big problem: WHAT should you prep & HOW? Check out my Food Prep 101 article to get started with your meal planning and prep in as little as 1 hour.

If you are ready to learn how to eat right for life without depriving yourself of your favorite foods check out my Simply Healthy Nutrition Book


45-60 minutes of work 3-4x a week. Simple, not always easy! Make an appointment with yourself and stick to it! This will help you look better, feel better, lower stress, and maintain better health overall. Find a program that works for you, keeps you motivated, provides results, and is safe! 

Create Space 

This is alone time, time to yourself to decompress. This could be done by sitting quietly to read, meditate, drive with your favorite music or complete silence, etc. I have placed this before ‘play time’ because when you create space, you allow yourself to destress which will then allow you to be more relaxed and present during your downtime versus thinking about all the things you need to, should, be or have to do.

 Play Time 

Purposely set aside time to spend with family, friends, children, doing your favorite hobbies, traveling, etc.

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing – do it with intent and give it your undivided attention… i.e. shut your technology devices off and be present. Enjoy this time! There are always things you should or could be doing – but one thing we know for certain is we cannot get time back, so enjoy the time you have with your loved ones…you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Cheers to living your healthiest life and being the best version of you!