June 08, 2018 0 Comments

Traveling can really take a toll on your health and fitness goals if you chalk up bad nutrition and lack of workouts to ‘I’m on vacation’ or ‘I was on the road.’

Your schedule is out of wack, food is mostly ‘on-the-go,’ your likely moving less whether you’re sitting in the car or sitting on an airplane, and to top it off – your off your sleep routine.

But, if you’re like me you enjoy traveling and are always headed somewhere, or perhaps you travel quite a bit for work.

So, here are 3 tips I have found to help us stay on track and not completely derail when we travel…

  1. Hit the grocery store – find a local grocery store and grab a few snacks to have on hand versus hitting the pool bar or gas station for lunch.
    A few staples we buy without cooking…
      • Cold Pressed Juice (all natural, cold pressed, check the sugar ingredients and try to stay under 10g per serving)
      • Fruit
      • Turkey, hummus, and avocado (great for lunch and very filling)
      • Bottled water or another calorie free beverage
      • Alcohol – if you want a cocktail, stay away from the sugary and very costly drinks. I suggest a Brut Champagne, Red Wine or hard alcohol with a calorie free mixer
  1. Look ahead at restaurant menus
    • Most restaurants have menus posted on their websites – take a moment to look a head and see what healthy options they have …or don’t have … and if needed, pick a different restaurant.
    • Steer clear from the heavy foods – skip over the pasta, fried foods or foods covered in sauces… stick with a lighter affair such as salads, fruit, veggies, chicken or fish. You will be happy you did as the heavy foods are likely to leave you feeling tired, bloated and overly full.
    • Watch your portions! Restaurants serve large portions so I usually take at least half home or share with my hubby… sharing also helps to save a few bucks!
    • A few apps I use – “Find me GF” to find restaurants that offer Gluten Free options. I also use “Open table” which allows you to search by category, provides a link to the restaurants website or menu, and allows you to make reservations if needed 😉
  2. Move – explore – have fun!
    1. Look for active things to do – take a walk or run in a new, safe, area. . . perhaps you’re in an area you can get out to the beach or hike a mountain – even better!
    2. Commit to 20 min! That’s it! If you don’t have a fitness center or can’t get outside due to the neighborhood or weather – here is a quick, effective workout you can do for time. 20 min running clock, As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP)
      • 100 Mtn Climbers
      • 10 push ups (20 if on knees)
      • 20 squat jumps
      • 10 alternating leg raises each leg
      • 20 plank shoulder taps
      • 10 split jumps per side
      • Repeat as many rounds as possible within the 20 minutes

I hope these tips help you on our next trip!