Megan, a lifer of OPPOSING FORCE joined the 2016 Rise Strong Challenge and committed to dialing in her nutrition. She is a busy mom of 2, a wife, and successful career woman. During the 100 day challenge, Megan lost 23 pounds and 15.75 inches!!! She also WON the challenge and won $1,000 😉

Here is a short testimony of her journey belowIMG_1342

I had been going to OP4 and working out but I was not seeing the results I had wanted to see. Then the 100 day challenge started and I chose Liz as my nutrition coach. She took the time to sit down and thoroughly explain how to do the anti-inflammatory diet and then how to go forward from there. Through her daily guidance and support I saw results that I had not been seeing thus far and won the challenge! I know without the nutrition guidance and support I would not have been nearly as successful in my weight loss and fitness journey. Thank you Liz!