Two months in working with Liz Roman and I’m down 6.6 pounds, 11 inches and 1.7% body fat!! She’s the best!


Meghan S.


Megan P., a lifer of OPPOSING FORCE joined the 2016 Rise Strong Challenge and committed to dialing in her nutrition. She is a busy mom of 2, a wife, and successful career woman. During the 100 day challenge, Megan lost 23 pounds and 15.75 inches!!! She also WON the challenge and won $1,000 ūüėČ

Here is a short testimony of her journey belowIMG_1342

I had been going to OP4 and working out but I was not seeing the results I had wanted to see. Then the 100 day challenge started and I chose Liz as my nutrition coach. She took the time to sit down and thoroughly explain how to do the anti-inflammatory diet and then how to go forward from there. Through her daily guidance and support I saw results that I had not been seeing thus far and won the challenge! I know without the nutrition guidance and support I would not have been nearly as successful in my weight loss and fitness journey. Thank you Liz!

“Liz‚Äôs 10 Day Metabolism program works! I completed the program a couple of weeks ago, and I have keep the weight and inches off, easily! It was just the boost my body needed to help reach my goals of losing those last few pesky lbs, and getting more toned and leaner.

In just 10 Days, I am -2.6 lbs and -6.5 inches, and I feel great!
Liz gives you the tools to succeed. If you are fully committed, you will see results!”
-Allison E

Molly –

A mom of 3 who began working with me 3 months after giving birth to her youngest. She was unhappy with her post baby weight and had not been able to lose weight due to post-partum thyroiditis. She was still nursing, so it was important for us to help her get to her goal while keeping her milk supply efficient for the little one. During 8 weeks, she lost 8.75 inches and learned so much more…read below!

I hired Liz as a nutrition coach when I was about 4 months post-partum.  I am currently breastfeeding, have a thyroid condition, and am about 20 lbs. over my goal weight.  My original goal was to simply lose weight which has been very hard for me while breastfeeding (this is my third time around).  At the time, I was eating as much as I could to maintain my milk supply and pretty much convenience eating much of the time (not making time to prepare food at home and running through drive-throughs).  As we began working together, I realized that this was much more than losing weight quickly – this was about learning healthy eating patterns that will be with me and my family for life. 

The first week I stopped drinking pop.  The second week I stopped eating fast food.  I found out quickly that I needed major education on WHAT to eat to replace all of those empty calories.  And since I was breastfeeding, I (and my baby) could not afford to NOT eat the daily calories.  Liz coached me through this challenging time by offering ideas of good, whole food that would satisfy me and be good for me.  I didn’t want meal plans because I don’t prepare many full meals at home… I needed ideas on things that I could eat quickly at home or things that I could grab on the go. 

After our time together, I NOW understand that calories are NOT calories… there are really good, nutritious calories and there are really bad calories that don’t do much to help your body.  My body fat percentage has gone down, I have lost inches everywhere off my body, and my weight has gone down. 

Liz is dedicated to her clients and really, truly cares about them, their health, and their success!  I owe her so much in helping me to truly understand a healthy lifestyle and getting me on track.  I am more confident and feel so much better from the inside out. 

Thanks, LIZ!!

Dottie –

Liz is a triple threat. She has you covered with great mindset coaching, her recipes are the bomb, so nutritional & tasty too, & even helped me with the dreaded cardio/weight lifting balance. I’ve struggled with maintaining my weight loss majority of my adult life but with Liz’s nonjudgmental yet get your butt in gear approach on how to keep at it when I want to give up is the game changer for me. Every obstacle I face, Liz has the answer, excuses be gone!

I highly recommend Liz, she just gets it. I’m not new to the whole losing weight thing, so I can recognize the fakes from the frauds. Liz is the real deal & I have ZERO qualms with recommending to her to anybody.

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Mia –

Liz is always willing to offer her expert advice regarding nutrition and has been a motivating force in my weight loss/strength-building journey! Her positive outlook on life is contagious!



Shannon –

Liz is awesome! She digs with you to understand what it is you want to really accomplish. She provides great information regarding food choices, nutrition and exercise/fitness perspectives. She also ensures you are taking time for yourself and helps you achieve a clearer mindset. I love working with Liz!!