Chili Lime Shrimp Wontons

These are a great appetizer that is sure to please the crowd! The shrimp offer a little kick from chili powder, but lime offsets the spice with a refreshing zine, and the 'lime cream' and arugula keeps the appetizer fresh. You can make the wonton cups in advance, but it is recommended to assemble the cups with [...]

Mandarin Turkey Meatballs


These are Ah-MA-Zing! Inspired by a clients recipe, these are super simple, tasty and pack a nice sweet and tangy flavor! Turn up the heat by serving with Sriracha! [amd-yrecipe-recipe:55] This is the orange marmalade I used, you can also find Orange glaze with ginger. I found that at Meijer and it worked really well, [...]

Chicken Veggie Poppers

These are a great high protein snack on-the-go or can be served as a meal with salad or roasted veggies. The cilantro really gives the recipe a refreshing taste, so these are not dense like a meatball. I am a fan of spice, so I typically eat these with a dollop of Sriracha, but it would be [...]

Veggie Bites

I love veggies, but I like to make them several ways! This was a spontaneous add to the weekly menu as I was making cauliflower rice for stir fry this week and had some left over cauliflower rice :) These are perfect for veggies on the go, and great for kids! [amd-yrecipe-recipe:37]  

Healthy Turkey Meatballs


Previously I made my staple meatball recipe which was Bison stuffed with Gouda cheese! They are phenomenal and my hubby's favorite ...but, when we switched to avoiding gluten and dairy, I needed to find a replacement. These meatballs are super simple, yet packed with flavor and they are versatile. I created this recipe using a few ingredients I already [...]