March Madness Fitness Challenge

March is a time of year when college sports enthusiasts and avid basketball fans look forward to the major, single-elimination Division 1 basketball tournament, March Madness. This time is also a huge month for Spring Breakers and those gearing up for the kickoff of bikini season. March Madness and the fact spring is just around [...]

Holiday Eating Strategies

Staying Fit throughout the Holidays Between pies, drinks, busy travel schedules, family obligations, office parties, and shopping extravaganzas, it's easy to see how one can quickly miss a day, two, three, or even a couple weeks worth of workouts. Plus, there's the looming New Years resolution right around the corner, so why not wait until New [...]

Creamy Cauliflower Bisque


Cauliflower Power Cauliflower has recently gained popularity for its versatility, but it is also one of the most powerful superfoods on earth. Not only is it low cal, low carb, full of nutrients, including phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals – providing an array of health benefits! Cauliflower is powerful in fighting several diseases including cancer, heart [...]

Benefits of Barbell Rows

Weight-training exercises not only elevate fitness levels and increase strength, they also contribute to improved health. By providing resistance for muscles to overcome, strength training yields benefits such as increased muscle mass and bone health. Specific exercises, such as bent-over rows, work several muscle groups, leading to improved muscular strength and endurance. When combined with [...]