Black Bean Tacos

A light, vegetarian alternative to a traditional Mexican taco. These can be spicy so change the peppers and salsa to your liking! Option to top with a vegan sour cream or shredded cheese :) [amd-yrecipe-recipe:78]

Holiday Eating Strategies

Staying Fit throughout the Holidays Between pies, drinks, busy travel schedules, family obligations, office parties, and shopping extravaganzas, it's easy to see how one can quickly miss a day, two, three, or even a couple weeks worth of workouts. Plus, there's the looming New Years resolution right around the corner, so why not wait until New [...]

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This is one of my favorites on the weekends. A healthier 'skillet' with less oil than would be poured in the restaurants. Make sure you have olive oil or coconut oil spray on hand to spray your skillet so the potatoes don't stick. Serve with a slice of gluten free toast :) If you're [...]

Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Super easy and delicious without all the added fat from mayo! Keep it low carb and enjoy in a lettuce wrap with other sliced veggies, sometimes I will do a little Walden Farms Ranch dipping with sliced celery, cucumbers or sliced bell peppers. If you need some carbs, enjoy this on Gluten Free bread, toasted, [...]

Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin

Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin are the perfect Holiday side dish! The brussels sprouts are roasted until crisp, then topped with a light cheese sauce made with cauliflower and goat cheese, and baked until brown. If you like brussels sprouts, you'll love these.  I typically prefer them to be extra crispy but this dish is AWESOME! HOW [...]